Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Baby Cheeses

Last year my Mum asked me to make her some Christmas cards. I couldn't manage it because the damned things took so long to do and I was running out of time on our one (partly due to the amount of random tools I was using for the pressing).

Since then, Mum's generously given me a lovely screw-down press, making the whole thing much easier. So when she asked about making a card this year, naturally I said yes.

Mum's considerably less heathen than me, and wanted a nativity scene for her card, a bit like the one on the card in the picture below.

Step one was sketching a design. I tried out a star in the sky and a roof reminiscent of Mum's own crib which I remember fondly from our childhood. Client said no - just the Holy Family please. Baby Jesus (or Baby Cheeses as a young relative used to pronounce it) does, however, look like the crib version, so my sentimental reference is at least intact.

Step two, once the design sketch was finished, was to transfer it by primary school tracing paper rubbing, onto my lino.

Step three, cut out the design with lino gouges. Step four, ink 'em up and print with the press.


I'm giving them to Mum on Sunday, so I hope she likes.

And I'll be listing a few spare ones on Etsy soon ..

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