Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Unsamaritans Book Group - The Books We Have Read So Far

Courtesy of James Marshall. Not entirely accurate. Can't be bothered to correct it.

'What is the What' - Dave Eggers
The Razor's Edge - Somerset Maugham
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchel
After Dark - Murikami
Cold mountain charles grazer
Toast nigel slater
The curious Incident of Dog mark haddon
The Knowledge of Angels jill Paton welch
Stuart: a Life backwards
Hey Nostradamus Douglas copeland
Year of wonders geraldine brooks
History of god Karen armstrong
Italo Calvino baron in the trees
Brick Lane
Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter
The Kite Runner khaled hossein
We need to talk about Kevin
Saturday ian mcewan
Black like me john Howard griffin
The inheritors William Golding
In cold Blood Truman capote
The Book Thief markus zusak
Kate winslett Nazi book
The Corrections Jonathan franzen
The Sunflower
The Consolations of Philosophy
Clever girl brian thompson
Beyond Black hilary mantel
The Handmaid's tale margaret Atwood
South shakleton
A tale of 2 Cities dickens
Dreams from my father Barack Obama
Brave new world huxley
the lovely bones Alice sebold
Secret history donna tart
Music and silence rose tremain
Run rabbit run john Updike
Orlando virg woolf
Alchemist paulo coelho
Run - anne patchett
Happy book

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